Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Ready to Be a Homeowner?

Taking the leap from renting to owning is an important milestone in many people’s lives. Not only does it signify that your financial affairs are in order, but it also means you’re finally ready to settle down (at least, for the time being!). 

Is Renting or Buying Better?

Although owning a home is a lifelong goal of many. renting has advantages too. Home ownership isn’t for everyone. renting has advantages too. Home ownership isn’t for everyone. For some people renting might make more sense for their financial circumstances


What Do I Look for in Homes?

First, identify the core values and lifestyle most important to you. Perhaps you want a walkable, hyperlocal and eco-friendly urban lifestyle. Maybe you want a quiet, rural country life. Or perhaps you’re striving for a low-maintenance setup that’s conducive to frequent travel.

Do I Need a Home Warranty?

Most plans have a basic component that provides all homeowners who purchase a policy with certain coverages. Homeowners can also purchase one or more optional components that provide additional coverage at additional cost

What Should I Expect at Closing?

At closing, the seller will sign documents that transfer the property ownership to you. You will receive documents pertaining to your mortgage agreement and property ownership. You’ll also have to pay closing costs and make escrow payments. … A deed, which transfers the property from seller to buyer

What Is Pre-approval?

preapproval is a preliminary evaluation of a potential borrower by a lender to determine whether they can be given a pre-qualification offer

Am I Ready to Rent?

Key Takeaways. Although you may feel ready to get out on your own, or get back out on your own, make sure your finances are in order before you take the leap

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